Die Wahrheit und andere Lügen [E–pub/E–book]

  • Paperback
  • 224
  • Die Wahrheit und andere Lügen
  • Sascha Arango
  • Portuguese
  • 15 March 2019
  • 9789722355254

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Download Die Wahrheit und andere Lügen 107 Tá grávida Desesperado por salvar o seu casamento e o enorme sucesso literário de ue goza Henry comete um erro fatal e na ânsia de o consertar entra num vórtice imparável de mentiras e destruiçã. Henry Hayden s life was complete he was a successful author with a number of best sellers to his name one of his titles had been made into a film and his marriage to Martha was a happy and fulfilling one But when Betty his editor and long time lover announced that she was pregnant Henry s life began to unravel in an alarming fashionBecause Henry s life was built on a lie Martha was the backbone of his life but only he and Martha knew His past was dark and deep he had no past no past that anyone knew about anyway As Henry scrambled to keep his secrets hidden to calculate and solve his immediat

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Download Die Wahrheit und andere Lügen 107 A Verdade e Outras Mentiras é um thriller psicológico ue reúne inteligência elegância comédia negra e um elemento surpresa tão forte ue nos hipnotiza desde o primeiro momento Henry Hayden um escr. What a really really clever book I ve been fortunate to have picked up some good reads lately but this one certainly is at the top of the list The book is masterfully written by Sascha Arango who puts forth an intelligent read We all know the disappointment with the canned writing of some authors in which you have everything figured out by the first few pages Arango sets out landmines and you wait with bated breath as to how the main character will sidestep his certain demise The Truth and Other Lies is a translation from German into English There are a few glitches in location that may be uestionable but the

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Download Die Wahrheit und andere Lügen 107 Itor de sucesso com um passado secreto seduz toda a gente com a sua sensualidade e os seus modos dedandy Mas a vida de fachada ue construiu é subitamente ameaçada uando Betty a amante lhe revela ue es. 35 Stars A good psychological thriller Henry Hayden was not uite as captivating as Oliver Ryan the dark and devious narrator of well written Unravelling Oliver one of my favorite suspense novels Both men were compelling yet shared borderline sociopathic tendencies Unraveling Oliver was impossible to put down while this story started out great but didn t offer a great deal of resolution in the end