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  • Mermaid of Venice (Mermaid of Venice #1)
  • Jincey Lumpkin
  • English
  • 20 May 2020
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Free download Mermaid of Venice (Mermaid of Venice #1) 105 But inside lurks a deeply troubled soul severely damaged by a mysterious past Despite her sinister desires she longs for true intimacy and believes she may have found her match in Cameron Langley a successful London based banker and dead ringer for Chris Hemsworth He offers Gia her first real opportunity for lasting love They share an intensely passionate deeply sensual connection but is her growing affection for new lover enough to lull the.

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Free download Mermaid of Venice (Mermaid of Venice #1) 105 Dive into the extremely glamorous life of Gia Acuaviva an ultra rich Venetian mogul with a portfolio of clubs and casinos around the globe Gia harbors dark secrets––and an underwater graveyard filled with the bones of her former lovers Her mermaid roots descend from the mythological sirens of ancient Greece but she's taken every precaution to protect her anonymity and the existence of other mermaidsGia lures in men with a beguiling façade.

characters Mermaid of Venice (Mermaid of Venice #1)

Free download Mermaid of Venice (Mermaid of Venice #1) 105 Murderous cravings she feels building withinFans of Killing Eve and Big Little Lies will love Mermaid of Venice a sexy psychological thriller with lush fantasy elements The setting is modern day Europe with all the chic locales hot spots and vistas of Patricia Highsmith’s The Talented Mr Ripley and a juicy splash of the billionaire lifestyle in E L James’s 50 Shadesi series This is not the Little Mermaid you grew up with Gia's out for bloo.

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