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Characters µ The Spell Realm His own plan But amidst politics battles and intrigue something far bigger is brewing    something that could disturb the balance of the Spell Realm itsel. Would you consider the audio edition of The Spell Realm to be better than the print version I personally LOVE having the audible copy of a book as I am so busy With audible reading the story to me my infant son and I will be playing or I ll be doing dishes during his nap time and I can still enjoy reading a book while getting things done around the house What was one of the most memorable moments of The Spell RealmThere were a lot of moments I enjoyed but IT think the most memorable moment would be during the large storm and a giant battle I don t want to give away some of the best moments hereWhat does Emily Durante bring to the story that you wouldn t experience if you just read the bookShe brings a voice to the characters though not always with the same emotion or feeling I would think the autho

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Characters µ The Spell Realm An alternate cover edition can be found hereThe highly anticipated seuel to The Sorcery Code    After the battle with the Sorcerer Guard Gala and Blaise t. WowI can t wait for book 3the sorcery code I hope it doesn t take to long I have read many many books in the past 6 months since losing my 40 yr old daughter to brain cancer and these 2 books 1 and 2 made me forget me heartache like no other I am attracted to this genre but these books and especially the spell realm gave me some peace I can t thank u enough please continue with book three asap from a faithful reader always EVERYONE READ THESE TWO BOOKS I give it 10 stars many thanks

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Characters µ The Spell Realm Ake shelter in the mountains a place of uniue beauty and danger Augusta however is determined to exact revenge even as Barson her ambitious lover implements. Adeuate Seuel to the Sorcery Code Although a Bit of a LetdownI originally purchased the first book in the series as part of Legends 15 Tales of Sword and Sorcery which was a great purchase for 099 The first book was intriguing enough to purchase the second book although I found the seuel to be a bit of a letdown The book continues the concept of telling the story from multiple characters viewpoints which helps keep the story exciting Again I don t think it would be as successful if it was written as a 1st person story Spell Realm has a hint of Game of Thrones to it with multiple characters vying to take over power of the realm but thankfully Spell Realm is without the absolute chaos and brutality to it I wasn t a fan of the twist at the end It did feel incomplete and although the ending has a uniue twi